Guidance for Branches National Recruitment Week – 15 May

Branches all over the country will be running recruitment events during the week. We are contacting your branch to provide some guidance.

There are 3 things that you can do in your branch:

  1. Plan an event for national recruitment week – from a recruitment stall to walkthroughs to open meetings – what can you do to make contact with non-members in your institution? Non-members often say that their main reason for not joining is that they haven’t been asked. Making face-to-face contact and asking them to join is the best way of recruiting. If you need to order materials, please do so no later than 8 May by clicking here
  2.  Run a mailshot of non-members – if you would like to run an emailshot to non-members make contact with your regional official as soon as possible. We can assist with local text or use the national template. Again please make contact no later than 8 May
  3. Form a follow up plan – setting up a plan and encouraging all reps to make contact with non-members after a recruitment event is vital for success. How will you keep UCU on the map for non-members? How will you continue to boost your branch membership?

For any advice, or for support for recruitment activity at any time, don’t hesitate to make contact with the regional office via your regional official.