Christmas Email to Reps

Dear all

Well! What a year it has been – FE mergers, HE USS dispute, the list goes on and on. So, once again very many thanks to all of you for working so hard to protect our members both individually and collectively. It has been a hard year and I have a feeling that next year isn’t going to be any better so everyone at the Regional Office is hoping that you have a proper break over the holidays and recharge ready for the New Year.

The office shuts after Thursday 21 December and will re-open on Wednesday 3 January. I will not be back at work until 8 January so once the office reopens then please contact the regional office in your usual manner.

Just to remind you that we have various regional training events taking place next term:

23 January – supporting members with hidden disabilities – a training event in Cambridge for caseworkers
5 February – the launch of our new regular lunchtime Skype briefings. A one hour session on Health and Safety matters that is aimed at branch negotiators (not health and safety reps specifically) giving you a general introduction to H&S and looking at how it can be used in general negotiations. This will be followed up with another session on how we can use H&S to support our members in reorganisations and redundancy consultations.
19-21 February – an introduction to the work of Union Learning Reps and how they can support members in difficult situations as well as support the organising work of the branch.
28 February – UCU Day of Action Against Workplace Racism

Plus, it may seem ages away but this is a heads up for the next National Recruitment Week starting on May 14. If you get your plans in place now then it is going to be so much easier when you get there.

So, that’s it from the Regional Office for the this year. I really hope you all have a fantastic Christmas break and a brilliant New Year. See you in 2018!

All the best


Union Learning Reps Training Carlow Street 19-21 February 2018

New and existing UCU learning reps have a statutory right to attend within 6 months of appointment. The course is also open to branch officers. Every branch should have at least one learning rep.

At the end of this 3-day module you will have:
•discussed why issues relating to learning, training and professional development are trade union issues
•identified the role of the learning rep in your workplace and within UCU
•demonstrated an understanding of your legal rights
•become more informed about learning & skills issues in the post compulsory education sector
•prioritised the key issues for you as a UCU learning rep and developed a plan to address these issues
•assessed your members learning needs
•explored what learning, skills and professional development opportunities exist within your college/university
•discussed equality issues around learning and how to deal with them
•practiced the necessary skills needed to support individual members to access their rights to time off to learn
•created an action plan for your first UCU learning event to take to your branch committee.

To register for this training follow the link below:-—21-February-2018-London