Join UCU

How do I join?

Join online immediately  or tel: 0333 207 0719

This is a local cost call, usually incl in mobile & landline call packages (check with your provider), Call takes 10 minutes. Please have bank account number & sort code to hand. Membership is confirmed at end of call.

Local branches

On joining you will automatically become a member of your local branch, based at the institution that you work at. There will be “reps” (voluntary) who are your colleagues who will make up the branch committee/executive. There should also be all-member meetings that you can attend. Find out about your local branch and it’s activities. You may find that you want to give something back and assist with the work.

Why join?

UCU is the largest post-school union in the world with over 120,000 members. It represents further and higher education staff across the UK. UCU also works closely with other unions on matters of common concern. Joint membership arrangements, giving membership of both UCU and the partner organisation are available with a number of other unions.

How do I pay?

All new members now pay subscriptions by Direct Debit; we no longer offer the option of paying subscriptions direct from salary. The payroll deduction method is being phased out nationally because it is expensive and time-consuming to administer. Direct Debit allows you to pay your subscription without intimating your membership status to your employer. And, if you move between institutions, it is easier for UCU HQ to make sure your membership is moved to your new local branch.

How much will it cost?

Monthly Subscriptions will be made up of a national and local branch proportion and decided according to your annual salary: click here to see subs

Subscriptions are based on your annual earnings, so those who earn less pay less. If you are part time please put your annual earnings not your “full time” earnings.

Student membership & free membership

Please note that post-graduate students who are earning wages working as lecturer-support must become full members rather than student members. Membership for such PGs is free. However if you then stop working you must revert back to a student member.

See FAQs for further detail you think you’re the wrong status please phone 0333 207 0719

Those PG students who believe they will work in academia in the near future who are not earning can hold student membership for free.