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The national training team are currently changing all courses into online courses. Some training is also being offered by your regional office team. Please speak with your regional support link to clarify imminent training courses or highlight your requirements

  • UCU reps (what we refer to as Reps 1 and 2)
    Three day course for all new UCU reps and branch officers, with a second three day module for caseworkers.
  • Learning reps (ULRs)
    Course for learning reps on legal rights, issues and policy, local agreements and extending the UCU organising agenda.
  • Health and safety reps
    Course for all new and existing health and safety reps who have received no training
  • Trade unions and the environment
    Course for UCU members and reps on climate change and ways to protect the environment.
  • Tackling organisational stress
    Course on tackling organisational stress split over two one-day sessions aimed at UCU safety reps, branch officers and other reps.
  • Tackling bullying and harassment at work
    Course aimed at UCU safety reps, workplace reps and branch officers.
  • Representing individual members – an introduction to casework
    Course for reps who are new to, or who are considering, representing individual members.
  • Mental health is a trade union issue
    One day course is designed for reps who want to develop and understanding of why mental health is a trade union issue.
  • Introduction to pensions
    Two day course for existing pensions reps or other branch reps or officers offering support to members with pensions enquiries.
  • Equality reps
    Course aimed at UCU equality officers and reps and other branch officers on using equality legislation.
  • Effective negotiating & bargaining
    Course for reps and officers involved in branch negotiations to increase their understanding and confidence to better represent
  • Dealing with the media
    This one-day course is aimed at UCU branch officers and reps who want to learn more about dealing with the media. This course will involve both print and visual media.
  • Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace
    This course is aimed at branch reps who may be dealing with individual harassment/sexual harassment cases, negotiating around policies that protect members or wish to challenge harassment, in particular sexual harassment more broadly in the workplace.
  • Challenging and handling redundancy
    Three-day course for all branch officers and reps who are likely to be involved in challenging redundancies and/or supporting members facing redundancy.
  • Certificate in employment law: online course
    TUC Certificate in Employment Law is an online course designed for union representatives who have already completed the UCU rep 1 course or its TUC union equivalent.
  • Advanced reps
    Course aimed at more experienced reps and branch officers who are actively involved in developing branch strategy.