Get Planning for Recruitment Week – 21-25 November

The first National Recruitment Week of the year is fast approaching and the regional office are encouraging branches to get planning for recruitment activity in that week.

UCU runs emailshots to eligible non-members where we can during national recruitment weeks. Branches can time this to coincide with other recruitment activity and can use a national template message to highlight any local branch activity. Making a direct approach to non-members to join the union is a very effective means of recruiting new members. The emailshot includes a clear national message about the benefits of joining and can be adapted to include local messages, contacts and local achievements. It’s also a great opportunity for reps to make contact with non-members to follow up the email face to face and respond to any questions about joining – reps have a the perfect start to a conversation knowing that the emailshot will have reached non-members.

What you can do if you want to run an emailshot in your institution;

The starting point is staff lists so if you haven’t already, get in touch with your link official in the regional office (Lydia, Jane or Ben) to agree the text of your message and sort out the contact data. There is a deadline of Friday 11 Nov to sort out the data where we can and to agree the text of the message with your branch. We can explain and help you with all elements of this.

  • Come up with a plan to follow up the emailshot – can you target a department or building where membership could do with a boost? Can you run a stall or a door knocking session to target potential members who have received the recruitment email? Don’t forget to keep in touch with us about your plans for National Recruitment Week. To order recruitment materials, use the online form here.If you need help with your event on the day, please let your link official know or email the regional office on are looking to highlight branch plans around region on our blog (which features our guide to recruitment and organising) and you can find a host of good ideas on the national Build the Union site.

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