NRW Countdown – Running a Recruitment Stall

National Recruitment Week Countdown – 21-24 Nov – running a recruitment stall

With NRW 1 approaching fast many branches are planning a recruitment stall during the week to pull in new members.

We know that activities that put you in face to face contact with non-members are the best way to recruit. Meeting like this enables non-members to put a face to the name, and to UCU, ensuring that they can relate to you and what you do for the union. Don’t forget – the UCU reps badge is valuable – not because it’s made of platinum but because it’s attached to you and no one is better placed to talk about what you do on behalf of your colleagues.

Running a recruitment stall works but it can take a bit of planning.

Here are some hints and tips:

Book your recruitment stall if you need to and think through the best location and timing for the stall. Will you be overrun by students or can you find a place which enables you to have a decent conversation with potential members? Running a stall in a prominent position will have a positive impact on the profile of your branch.

  • Give yourself time to set up and don’t forget that having a visual hook to get people to the stall is crucial.
  • Order your materials today (use the online form here) and make sure that you have something to give away and the right materials.
  • As members can join online or over the phone, having a laptop or access to a phone on the stall can be a real bonus to ensure that would-be members sign up there and then. Could you offer a free gift to anyone joining on the day?
  • Have your opening line ready. “Are you a member of academic staff (or academic related or research staff where relevant)?” and “have you ever thought about joining UCU?” are good starters.
  • Following this up with some of the key benefits of joining – the Why you Should be a Member leaflet is a good start.
  • If you’ve got a local issue running, can you run a petition or have a briefing ready to give out on the stall?
  • Make sure they don’t leave empty-handed – it seems simple, but having a branded leaflet or even a pen can act as a reminder and will boost the profile of UCU in the workplace.
  • Keep a visitors list – if someone didn’t have time to talk or join up on the spot, ask if it’s ok to follow them up at some point.Don’t forget to keep in touch with us about your plans for National Recruitment Week. To order recruitment materials, use the online form here.If you need help with your event on the day, please let your link official know or email the regional office on are looking to highlight branch plans around region on our blog (which features our guide to recruitment and organising) and you can find a host of good ideas on the national Build the Union site.Good luck!With best
  • UCU Eastern and Home Counties Regional Office

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