Disability Training for Reps 20 June Carlow Street

The Regional Office has developed new training days for reps on the subject of disability. This training will focus on:

  • supporting members with hidden disabilities, such as mental health issues and neuroatypical configurations.
  • increasing understanding of the social model of disability and of some of the barriers disabled people face both in employment and in accessing Trade Unions.
  • increasing reps understanding of some of the main issues that disabled people face and looking at how we can support members both in terms of requesting and making reasonable adjustments for members
  • in ensuring effective representation of members
  • how the law can be used to challenge discrimination and explore possible solutions to overcome some of the common barriers faced by disabled people.

If you’d like any more information or you would like to register for this course please e mail caitken@ucu.org.uk. If there is someone else in your branch who you think would be interested in this training please feel distribute.

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