CPD webinar: Working safely during the pandemic Wed 23 Sep

All members in our region are invited to participate in the interactive webinar entitled Working Safely During the Pandemic. The webinar has evolved from the previous iteration, which was called Taking Care of Yourself, and now addresses all the hot topics surrounding how we can work safely this autumn, and especially focuses on what your employer needs to do to protect you and your students.

Working Safely During the Pandemic will be delivered via zoom on Wednesday 23 September ina  morning and afternoon session. You will have received an email invitation on Wed 16 Sep. If you have not receieved this email -contact easternadmin@ucu.org.uk or gpickard@ucu.org.uk

The full aims of the interactive webinar are to:
1. understand why it’s important to unapologetically protect your health and wellbeing at this time
2. identify some of the challenges you face in working safely whether from home, back in the workplace or a blend of the two
3. Be clear about what support you can expect from your employer
4. Identify support available from UCU

How it will work
The taught session will last for about 50-60 minutes, after which a member of UCU staff, or a branch activist, will update you on the latest UCU campaigning work in this area and will lead a discussion on what this all means for you, which should take another 15 to 20 minutes. The consensus is that the these discussions take away the isolation of lone working and begin to establish norms that are acceptable to us. The total time commitment will be less than an hour and a half.
The session will be led by experienced UCU CPD tutors.

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