FE Pay 2016-17 Branch Action

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Topic FE England 2016/17 Pay Round


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Ask members to check their membership details online

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Summary This briefing provides an update on progress of the National Joint Forum pay talks with the Association of Colleges and next steps. The full text of the 2016/17 claim can be found at www.ucu.org.uk/fepayengland.

Contact Andrew Harden, Head of Further Education (aharden@ucu.org.uk)

UCU’s Further Education Committee met on 8 July to consider a report on progress in the National Joint Forum talks for the 2016/17 FE England pay round and to consider next steps. A meeting of the NJF which was scheduled for 5 July 2016 has been postponed to 21 September 2016.

FEC will meet again on 7 October 2016 to consider the AoC’s final offer. In the meantime members can continue to support the campaign for better pay and better jobs by posting support for the claim on twitter with #fairpayinFE using the poster download found at www.ucu.org.uk/article/8209/Wall-of-support-for-FE.

Next steps – campaign for better pay and better jobs

Since 2009, staff working in colleges have had near to a 20% pay cut in real terms while at the same time redundancies and reorganisations have pushed workloads to breaking point. Lecturers in colleges are now working so many extra hours to get the job done that they are effectively working two days extra a week for free. It is little wonder that stress is now cited by the AoC as the single biggest cause of long term sickness absence in colleges.

Staff turnover in colleges has reached a new high at 21%. This means one in five UCUBAN/FE2 page 2

college staff are leaving their job each year. On top of this colleges are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit new staff particularly in English, Maths, engineering and construction with some unable to fill vacancies for more than a year.

It is now clear that something must be done to make colleges attractive places to work again. Without better pay and more secure better jobs, colleges will be unable to recruit and retain experienced and motivated staff leaving them unable to provide the quality educational provision their communities need and deserve.

Check the Rate for the Job

To check your pay against the national pay scales, other college’s and what yours should be if it had kept up with inflation go to UCU’s Rate for The Job site at www.ucu.org.uk/rateforthejob.

Get members to update their records

This year’s Further Education Sector Conference established policy that if the AoC fails to make a credible offer then a dispute will be declared and members in England will be balloted on industrial action. Therefore in case a credible offer is not made members should make sure their membership details are up to date online by cutting and pasting http://members.ucu.org.uk to check your workplace and contact details are correct. To register for first use, you will need your membership number and email address we hold for you. Requests for lost membership numbers can be made at https://members.ucu.org.uk/index.php/interfaces/ForgotMembership

Michael MacNeil

National Head of Bargaining and Negotiations